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Anitaria's Journal
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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007
10:33 pm

Mew is happy^^ her avi made it onto a pretty picture!!YAYS!!

Monday, September 10th, 2007
5:12 pm
Npc profiles:Rufus the clown
Hey everyone, It's a me, jeff, or kino, the genderless event team head over at anitaria here, with some lj only info.
For now of course.
It's just a more in depth look into everyones favorite clown turned man-protagonist, Rufus.
I hope this clears up some questions, and heck, creates more, and is enjoyed.
This is just more perks for ani members to get an lj and join.


Full name: Rufus Cyrill Jackson
Job: Full time community service worker, with heavy tip reliability
Interests: Books about zombies, white roses, music, and little elf girls named holly.
Number of Events stared in: all of em, cept for the first Halloween event, and the first ever event (easter)
Profile: Rufus' parent's died at an early age, which was one of his biggest motivators be be an actor, to be someone else and get away from it all,after a carrier of many hit movies, only to be Over shone by his older brother Manuel,

Rufus started out in anitaria as nothing but a foul mouthed, down on his luck clown who hated party's, and was forced to throw one for the sites owners birthday. HE was eventually rushed to the hospital after he was found to passed out, he turned out to be popping pills to finish his community service hours faster, which explained his bad mood, It turned out he was a really nice guy, just really really downtrodden. He was forgiven by everyone on site and welcomed as one of our most beloved npc's.
Little was known about his life after this event, leading up to the rise of Samantha the white, It turns out he was helping film the ever popular low budget flick that stole all of anitaria heart; "Steel miris", and was the mystery actor who played the lead actor Surfu Jefferson.

When Samantha was brought to power, Rufus was invited through a strange email, which , once he entered the mansion, imbibed him with a dark spirit, the spirit of an evil prince named Raughily. The prince was something of a prankster, his pranks of which included torture, deaths, and mutilation.
He passed out an evil mirror of Rufus' event items from the birthday party, all of the balloons filled with poison chlorine gas, and laced with poison ivy.
The real Rufus eventually fought tooth and nail inside with the spirit, and was freed of it's torment after stumbling into Christmas village. In Christmas village, many elves prepared for the coming holiday, passing out gifts, and having a grand old time, Until Rufus met eyes with a certain elf girl named holly, who warmed his heart ten times over. Another male elf (whom rufus refuses to let me name in his bio) was also in love with holly, and they fought tooth and nail, Rufus eventually giving him a ko punch in their challenged duel for honer.
Then, tragedy struck, the villain jack frost made off with baby new year, but in his blundering, lost him.
Frost bribed any anitarian who saw, or heard of, the deed with a tiny bit of his winter magic.
The elf who shan't be named joined the search, the search which holly organized, holly's sister jolly appeared on the scene to help out, immediately stealing the elf who shan't be nameded heart, leaving jolly to rufus.
Rufus, blinded by love, took a scarf given to him by jolly and marched into the cold.
He vanished for four days, no sign of him, or the baby were found, another male elf, skuz, who after gaining a bit of courage and drying his own tears over being a misfit (in his own mind at least), ran back to the village after a search, having found Rufus and baby new year, trapped in a ravine, rufus keeping the crying baby warm and safe with his scarf, and fending off the chill on himself with virtually nothing but snow.
Eventually everyone came to the rescue, including (sorry Rufus, I must say it) greg.

The baby was brought back to it's rightful place, and Rufus was regarded a hero, and, with the removal of his bald cap, revealed to have bushy blonde hair underneath. and gained the love of jolly, who could've lived happily ever after.
Except, Rufus forgot the way to Christmas village after the holiday path closes.

Now he spends most of his days writing her, unable to get messages back till the holidays, or until she visits him

He drinks aloooottt of bourbon becuase of this.
A lot. He's a lonely man, but a loyal one.
Catching Rufus when jolly is around is said to be like catching a man at peace with the world. He's that happy.

He is currently working as a freelance photographer, he hasn't got any work as of late though

fun facts: Rufus is a huge fan of the shows that's so blackbird, Bertha 13, Pastohootinany, farcebusters, villans,Daryal Blue's brain choas, and the movies Shaine of the living, enchilada Torero Wheels of shame, and cold sandpaper


I hope you enjoy, This is offcial anitaria information, I wonder who the next npc bio will be? keep checking here!
Tuesday, September 4th, 2007
9:46 pm
Welcome to Anitaria~
Hello, I am deji_loves_you, also known as Deji-chan or simply Deji. I am your main mod here, and will probably be the only one unless we get a bunch of members. :D

I encourage you to contribute anything you can to the site and this community; it's deeply appreciated. I also force encourage you to follow the rules in the user info section. They help me & you make the Anitaria community a better place. Lastly, if you haven't already, please join www.anitaria.com!

*cuts ribbon*

And we're open~

Current Mood: loved
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